Pet Products as seen on CBS

The Clock Lady
– based in Marietta, The Clock Lady creates a custom work of art (and workable clock) with your dog or cat’s photo.  She also makes beautiful tables and even necklaces with your pet’s photo, In the spirit of football season coming up, she created this Georgia Bulldog clock.  She also made a clock with my dog’s portrait – $175  Use code JessicaShops and save 15% on your order.

Char dog Nay pet gravy  Save 10% with code ORDER10

Etira Pet Hair Dryer – the world’s first hair dryer made for pets!  Normal hair dryers have high temperatures and sound decibel levels, which makes it uncomfortable for our pets. Our animals tend to have very sensitive and delicate skin, and they are extremely sensitive to noise. Instead of the hot and noisy hair dryer that you’ve been using on your precious dog, why not try a hair dryer made just for him!, Cost, $189.99  Use code JessicaShops and save 15% at checkout.

EZ Living Home – EZ-PET “couch” collection – new stylish Orthopedic Dog Beds for senior pets. Comes in great colors and styles, $79 – $129. Use code JessicaShops and save 15% at checkout.

Pet Cooler Carrier – the first complete portable cooling and hydration station.  Unlike other pet carriers, the Pet Cooler Carrier is the only transport system to offer a temperature controlled environment, complete with shade and clean drinking water.  So many pets die each year from heat stroke and dehydration.  With the Pet Cooler Carrier, your pet can stay cool and hydrated year-round, $99, Use code JessicaShops and save 15% at checkout.

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  1. It doesn’t seem that the link for The Clock Lady is active in the article. Our site is & we would love for you to visit!

  2. Glen Heywood says:

    Jessica, thank you for highlighting the Etira Pet Hair Dryer. The posted link to our website is incorrect. The correct link is Thank you.

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