4 ways to create a natural look in your home

Are you looking to update your tired décor?  Why not consider embracing one of 2017’s most popular interior design trends? Many stylish property owners are embracing the concept of bringing the outside in. They are using prints and colors that are inspired by the natural world. Some are opting for a rustic country garden feel. Others are creating vibrant tropical interiors.

Since the natural look relies heavily on shades of green, it will help to create a relaxing environment in your home. The natural look is a fantastic opportunity to let your creative spirit run free. It is all about accessorizing and layering materials. If an affordable, creative, and enjoyable design scheme sounds good to you, take a look at these four ways to introduce the natural look into your home.

Be bold

When you are choosing your patterns and prints, it is important to be bold. If you are worried about overwhelming your living space, try using a neutral color on the walls. Then, go on a shopping spree to buy all of the best natural prints available. Keep all your receipts. Then, try introducing each item into your home, one by one. Find the perfect balance between your room being too busy or too plain.

When you have settled on the look that you want to create, return the items that don’t fit with your design scheme. You might be surprised by your overall tastes. An item that you thought was a little too daring, could become one of your favorite possessions.

The natural look is all about shapes and colors. Have fun choosing between different leaves and flowers, and pairing together interesting shades. Why not create a mood board that will act as a source of inspiration? Your design scheme should also consider different textures. A current trend is to use hessian. This is an extremely cheap material, and will definitely add a unique texture to your room. Whatever you do, don’t hold back. The best examples of the natural look are all brilliantly bold.

Think about your furniture

This interior design approach incorporates a lot of natural materials such as wood, wicker, and wool. This will be fantastic for your bank balance. Solid wood furniture stands the test of time, and will not have to be replaced in the same way that flimsier products would need to be.

Wooden furniture will also look fantastic in a natural design scheme. For instance, you could buy a hardwood dining table, and paper the walls with a bold, leaf print. Just imagine the striking contrast between the beautiful wood and the bright colors! If you’re not ready for a daring wallpaper, you could concentrate your efforts on finding beautiful dining wear for your table. Enjoy the opportunity to dress your table with vibrant, natural pieces.

In other areas of your home, you could also use wicker. Wicker has been an unpopular design material for a number of years. It is only just creeping back into fashion. Consequently, you will be able to pick up wicker furniture at most second-hand stores. Whilst a room filled with wicker furniture would be a little too much, why not look out for a few small pieces? You could get a small chair or even a few storage baskets. The important thing is to layer your materials, instead of sticking to one unified look. Harsh, modern items will jar with the concept of the natural world. Everything that you purchase should be inspired by nature.

Really bring the outside in

Make sure that your design scheme really brings the outside in. Fill your home with lots of plants and succulents. Don’t just simply place them on your window ledge. You can hang plants from your ceiling, place them on the surfaces, and buy plant stands that will allow them to sit at different levels. You should invest in a range of beautiful plant pots. Don’t go for matching ones, try to keep your look as varied as possible.

If you struggle to keep plants alive, you should consider buying succulents. They are much easier to take care of. You could create your own terrarium. Find an interestingly shaped glass bowl, layer it with a range of sands, stones, and soils. Then, plant your succulents and add unique accessories. Alternatively, if you really want your home to stand out from the crowd, you could create a wall of succulents. This is a truly impressive approach to introducing a feature wall.

Make sure that your home is filled with light

If you are hoping to create a look that is truly fresh and relaxing, you will need to make sure that your home is filled with natural light. Dark spaces will undermine your efforts to embrace a natural design scheme. One way to do this is to introduce lots of mirrors into your home. Try to have them angled so that they are picking up the sunlight that is streaming through your windows. You could also invest in skylights. This will instantly brighten your living space, and will even help you to save on the cost of your heating. However, you should remember to install remote control blinds for your skylights. This will be worth your while, as too much direct sunlight will cause all of your gorgeous patterns to fade over time.

Another way to introduce light into your home is to buy lots of candles. A clever trick is to place your candles in front of a small mirror. This will create a warm glow that will send reflected light around your room. Why not select organic candles that have a natural scent? This will work wonderfully with your design scheme. Try to find scents that match the prints you have been using. For instance, if you have a cushion covered in palm leaves, you could use a candle that smells of coconuts and sea breeze.