5 Ways to Care for Your New Dog

It is a big decision to welcome a new pet into the home, as they often require much love and attention. For this reason, you must ensure his or her needs are catered for in your home. Here are five ways you can successfully care for a new dog.


  • Find a Good Vet


One of the first things you should do is take your dog along to a veterinarian. Look for a respected vet with a good reputation. Ask your friends or family members for any recommendations. A good vet will know the vaccines your pet pooch will require, and can offer helpful tips on how to care for and train your dog.


  • The Feeding Schedule


High-quality dog food will ensure your pet consumes the right level of nutrients he or she needs for a healthy body. What’s more, it will ensure your pet enjoys his or her meals day after day.

Before welcoming a new dog into the home, ask what he or she has been eating for the past few weeks and the schedule. Replicate the schedule for the first few weeks to prevent gastric distress. If you want to switch to a different brand, allow your dog to consume three parts of the old food and one part of the new brand for the first few days, before adjusting their diet to one part old and one part new. After a few more days, adjust your pet’s diet to one part old food to three parts new.


  • Flea Treatment


Fleas can be an annoying problem for both the pet and the pet’s owner. Before you welcome a dog into the family, aim to find the best flea medicine for dogs to ensure you both don’t experience a troublesome flea issue. There are many preventative and treatment options on the market, so do your homework to find the best product for your dog.


  • Establish a Bathroom Routine


The time and amount of food your dog eats will determine his or her bathroom routine. It’s often wise to take your dog for a walk once he or she has finished a meal. You should also allow your pet to explore the garden after a walk or extensive play. Don’t forget to take your dog for a walk once you wake and before you go to bed to avoid accidents.


  • Teach Obedience


Try to teach obedience to your dog from the moment you welcome him or her into your home. This will ensure the dog perceives you as the master from the start, so they are more likely to listen to your commands.

Start with the basics by teaching a dog how to stay. You can do this by placing a leash on your pet while allowing them to sit next to you comfortably. Another option is to wave the flat of your palm towards his or her muzzle and saying “stay”. If you’re having difficulty teaching your dog obedience, consider taking a dog training course.