Adult Tricycles – A Beginners Guide

Adult tricycles are the perfect option for people who have lost some mobility over time, those who have to carry children, those who need more cargo capacity, or those who simply want to enjoy an easy ride. Tricycles come in a variety of styles and all have their own set of specificities, so it can be difficult to sort them out if you aren’t familiar to them. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to adult tricycles in general and help you make the best decision depending on your needs.

What are the Benefits of a Trike?

If you’ve been playing around with the idea of buying a three-wheeled bicycle but can’t see what makes them a better choice than a regular bike, here are some reasons you should consider this option.

Added Stability

One of the main advantages of trikes is the added stability they offer. The third wheel greatly improves balance and can come handy in many cases. For instance, much less effort will be demanded when going uphill since you won’t have to worry about maintaining your core balance. With a trike, you can just adjust it on a lower speed and go at the pace you want.

Also, if you happen to hit loose gravel while riding a trike, you won’t lose balance like you would on a bicycle. If you’re suffering from a condition that doesn’t allow you to ride a bicycle securely and comfortably or you simply have poor balance, then a trike might be for you.

Added Comfort

The average tricycle will be more comfortable than a regular bike for a variety of reasons, especially the seating. Delta and cargo trikes will have adjusted seating that will distribute your weight evenly over a larger surface, which greatly reduces pressure on your lower back. And, if you feel more comfortable, then you might be inclined to ride more.


Contrary to what many might believe, not all trikes are easy rides and some work some body parts harder than others. Some models will put more pressure on your upper body, while others will concentrate mainly on your legs and core. It’s up to you to pick one based on what kind of exercise you want to get from it as well as performance.

What are the Different Types of Tricycles?

There are different tricycle types that are available and some might be more suited for the type of ride you’re looking for. Some are better for people with limited mobility while others may be better for a casual rider. Here are the main different types of trikes you’ll find on the market.

Upright Trike

The upright trike is usually a better choice for casual riders that want something that is closer to a traditional bike. They are performant and are perfect for running errands. And they demand a significant amount of energy, so they are still a good option for exercise. Since you’ll be using both your upper and lower body on an upright trike, you’ll still get a good upper and lower body workout.

The average upright trike will come equipped with enough cargo space in the back to fit a basket. As a matter of fact, many models come equipped with a basket already. Upright trikes will usually have one to three speeds.

Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes are low to the ground and can be recognized by their full seat and elongated frame. Most people will agree that these kinds of trikes are the most comfortable for the buttocks, hands and back then other models.

On a recumbent bike, you’ll be seated in a reclined position with both of your legs stretched out all the way to the pedals. If you’re looking for a hamstring workout or want to strengthen you core, this is the choice for you. However, you can’t drag your body weight when going uphill, so you’re somewhat limited on which type of rides you can take them on. The Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is a prime example of a recumbent tricycle.

Semi Recumbent

Semi recumbent bikes have some of the elements of the recumbent bike. For instance, you’re still using a pedal forward concept. However, pedaling on a semi recumbent bike demands a lot less energy from your lower body.

Semi recumbent bikes are kind of like hybrids between upright trikes and recumbent bikes. However, the lower center of gravity on semi recumbent bikes when compared with upright trikes makes them more comfortable. They also may be equipped with a complete seat, while other will have a regular seat instead.

Many seniors say that they prefer semi recumbent bikes over fully recumbent or upright trikes. Upright trikes often demand too much effort and can be difficult to pedal, especially for someone with lower mobility, while fully recumbent bikes sit way too low for many people. The Semi Recumbent offers the best of both worlds.

Electric Tricycle

Electric Tricycles are still fairly new on the market, but they’re very popular at the moment. Electric Tricycles are the best for people who have limited mobility. They are also a great option for people who are still not up on tricycles or traditional bikes.

The electric trike allows you to just sit back and enjoy the road. And you are completely free to use your legs as well if you want to. These are perfect for people who live in senior communities with transport restrictions. For instance, some communities will only give golf cars to residents. Electric trikes are a great alternative if you want to get to the store or just go from point a to point b without the cost and hassle of a golf car.

Some models will allow you to ride for over 30 miles with one single battery charge, which is rather impressive.


Now that you are more familiar with trike types and have a clearer idea of what each type has to offer, you should start looking at models that might work for you. Trikes are a great alternative to regular bicycles and are even better in many aspects, so don’t hesitate to check out a few tricycles and see what’s out there.