Bags: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory For Any Occasion

Handsome Handbag

Every girl needs at least one handbag, that’s just a simple fact of life. They’re so handy, and can seriously up your style game and bring an outfit together too.

The first thing to think of with a handbag is how it can potentially match your outfits. If you’re super rich, then you can afford to buy a handbag per outfit. If not, then your best bet is to look for one – maybe two if you’re lucky – handbag that will match most of what you wear. Obviously black is a good choice here as black goes with just about anything. But, think about the colors you usually wear and pick a handbag you can wear with all of them. There are so many amazing branded handbags out there, but a couple that are probably at the top of the list are Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.

Beautiful Backpack

For years backpacks have not been considered very fashionable or stylish. They’ve been looked at as more of a practical accessory that you just can’t avoid at times. However, backpacks have become so popular that there are now loads of stylish ones available.

The beauty of a backpack is that it can help you carry lots of things and keep your hands free. They’re a must for any students that need to carry books or stationary around campus. Of course, there are loads of varieties out there that can suit any outfit. If you’re looking for a nice branded backpack, then Rebecca Minkoff are quite good for these. Just make sure you try and find a Rebecca Minkoff discount first as they tend to be on the pricey side. If you’re after more of a sporty backpack to maybe take to athletics training or the gym, then Nike are probably the best brand for this as they have a lot of varieties.

Cute Clutch

Clutch bags are probably the best-named bag out there. They get their name thanks to the huge dilemma that every girl is presented with when they go out partying in the nighttime. You have a nice dress on and no pockets to store any of your items, so you rely on a bag. However, you can’t bring your handbag as it’s too big and would look ridiculous. Thus, the clutch bag was born as it’s small enough for us to clutch and hold onto as we party!

A cute clutch is easier to match with an outfit as it will only be used when you’re dressing up for a night out or event of some kind. In which case, you will be looking for something that’s a combination of subtle and classy. YSL are probably one of the top brands when it comes to clutch bags, and Jimmy Choo are up there too.

Make sure these three bag types make an appearance with your outfits. They’re the perfect compliment to what you’re wearing, and provide practical benefits too.