Cheapest Ways to Live Luxuriously

Saving money and living frugally is usually associated with limiting yourself to the basics and trying not to enjoy yourself too much for fear of overspending. Most advice about investing and making your money work for you involves a high level of self-restraint that not everyone is willing to put themselves through. Fortunately, there are a few ways of maintaining comfort and the feeling of luxury without guiltily ignoring your budget. All you need is a willingness to make a plan and the determination to turn it into a habit.

One: Define Your Personal Version of Luxury

Not everyone considers gold leaf and expensive champagne to be a worthwhile treat. Learning to separate the notion of external value and personal value is important when deciding how to live luxuriously on a budget. External value is dictated by the economy and what people are willing to pay for something, regardless of its quality in the eyes of individuals. It is important to understand what you personally consider worthwhile when it comes to spending. Thinking in percentages is a helpful trick for budgeting in general, but it can also help you see your purchases in terms of needs and wants. What you want is not necessarily useless, in fact many people overlook the advantages of treating yourself while saving money. Your mental health and overall outlook will improve when you see that your bank balance is where you want it and you can still afford your favorite foods. Instead of constantly permitting yourself to little treats that will eventually add up, learn to appreciate the luxury of simply enjoying lunch with a friend. Detach cash value from personal value and you’ll soon see the benefits of saving while enjoying life.

Two: What Are You Saving For?

What is making you happy right now? Is it your job, your hobbies, your friends? Focus on the things you know will bring you joy, such as your weekly indulgence at a nearby bakery or a small gift to yourself from an online shop. Rewarding your own good spending behavior will encourage you to continue treating your money wisely. Moderation is vital. Even when you feel that you may deserve conceding your plans to save money for one day – maybe because you had a tough time at work or you’ve had an argument with a friend – learn to differentiate between self-medicating with spending and rewarding yourself for staying on track. You will feel better for sticking to your budgeting plan when it includes a small amount you allow yourself for treats instead of eating into your savings whenever you feel low or see something in a shop window. Reward your own thoughtfulness and resist comforting yourself with unnecessary spending. Although both might result in you buying the same new gadget, the difference is internal. You made a logical decision and a considered choice to spend that money – you did not get carried away by sudden impulses.

Three: New Thinking Habits

One thing that is imperative when saving money is teaching yourself better decision-making skills, especially when it comes to financial situations. Don’t rush into making a purchase because there is a limited offer or unexpected sale. Stores deliberately manipulate customers into spending more by changing prices before a sale so that their “reduced” price doesn’t truly offer a discount at all. Think to yourself: would you buy this item if it cost full price? Did you even know you wanted it until you saw that there was a sale? Save your money for good quality purchases that you know will either improve your life or bring you long-lasting joy. At first it might be difficult to fill the spending-hole with more meaningful happiness. Often big-spenders are unsatisfied with their new purchases fairly soon after buying them. Ignore the gnawing feeling that you need to acquire more in order to feel pampered. It is much like an addiction in some cases, and alcohol is a similar threat to your careful budgeting. You can train yourself to have fun without being drunk and your body will learn to appreciate the treats you do give it much more. If you suffer from addiction you will find it even more difficult to save money as your cravings will get in the way of creating healthy new habits. Seek help by contacting to help clear your mind and focus on improving not only your health but your lifestyle. Save your money for what you truly want and you will inevitably live a much more luxurious life.

Four: Hunt for Deals (Without Compromising Too Much)

Once you’ve learned the importance of making deliberate decisions when spending your hard-earned money, you can narrow down what you want by taking your time to search for the best prices. This is the opposite of impulse sale shopping – which is designed to trick customers into spending more. Familiarize yourself with money saving sites and secondhand stores. When you have a clear view of what you want it will be easier to find. Sometimes an almost exact match of what you originally wanted will be much cheaper online or at a thrift store. What makes this trick so handy is that in the process of searching you have more time to consider whether or not you actually want the item in the first place. If you are willing to go on a small hunt for it then it is definitely worthwhile, especially if you’re saving money by doing so.

Five: Make Every Day Luxurious

Sell your junk. You’ll be making money from it while creating space for the things you truly want and need. Luxury is about living comfortably and being able to relax. Tidying is not the most enjoyable experience while you’re doing it but the relief of eliminating all your unnecessary clutter will instantly make your life easier and more comfortable. With the money from selling your unwanted pieces you can spend more on adding to the luxury of your life.