Garden makeover tips

Whether you love planting shrubs and flowers, or even if you only use your backyard for cookouts and entertaining, it doesn’t hurt to give your garden a little love or attention no matter the time of year. From planting new beds for spring, adding a new seating area or even creating a pool to attract wildlife, it’s easy to inject some new life back into your garden.

Plant out a new bed

 If you aren’t sure where to start, visit your local garden center or hardware store to get some advice as to which type of plants will best suit your lifestyle. If you live in a warmer state, you can choose from succulents and cacti that don’t require much effort or water. Damper states mean plants that are a bit hardier and can withstand a drop-in temperature during the winter. Make sure that you take a soil sample to check whether you have acidic or alkaline soil in your backyard, as this will determine the type of treatment that you need to give the earth to get it ready for your new bed. 

Dig out a pond

Adding a pond to your garden is a great way to add value to your property and attract some new wildlife. Plus, it’s the ideal way to get your kids outdoors and more involved in learning and exploring their local area – rather than being stuck indoors watching television or playing video games! You could even consider populating your new pool with some fish. Next Day Koi offers a range of fish for you to choose from. 

Cheap and easy upgrades

If you are after a low cost and low labor upgrade for your garden, then you could simply buy some new furniture or install some new outdoor lighting to give your garden an instant makeover. If you prefer wooden furniture then you will need to keep it painted and treated to protect it against the weather.

Once you’ve introduced some new plants, dug out a pond and added some new furniture you can sit back and relax, while enjoying a new space in which you can share time with your family and friends.