Fashion: A Form of Creative Expression

What do you think about fashion? Fashion, quite simply, is more than just the clothes you wear. In fact, fashion is considered by some to be the ultimate source of artistic and creative expression. How people choose to style their appearance says a lot about who they are. It gives people a source of creativity the same way picking up a paintbrush does. The difference is, fashion is practical, and you wear it daily. There are a number of factors which may contribute toward one’s fashionable expression, including color, style, thrifting, designer pieces or when in doubt, making your own clothes. To learn more about fashion as a source of creativity, continue reading.


Fashion is an art

Is fashion art? Fashion pieces can look as good in a museum as a Greek sculpture can. The same attention one pays when creating a sculpture or a piece of poetry, one puts into fashion. Fashion requires creativity, both when creating fashion pieces and purchasing garments from different stores to mix and match in your personal wardrobe. Some fashion designers are inspired by fine art itself when it comes to creating their pieces. One example of this is the designer from the 60s and 70s, Bill Gibb, as it is said Flemish paintings influenced him.


Of course, if fashion is considered an art, it is an art that is interaction, given that people wear clothes. Fashion is practical, whereas when you go into a museum, there is an environment where you are not allowed to interact with the art pieces. There are also haute couture and historically significant garments that are not worn by the average person. These are, instead, art pieces behind a glass casing. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to the everyday clothes that people wear.


Creative expression through color and style

Dressing is a form of self-expression! Fashion gives people a source of creative expression when they wake up in the morning. It is up to each individual to decide what color and style of clothing suit his or her persona. The color and pattern that someone decides to wear in their wardrobe can reflect their mood. For instance, if it’s a hot summer day, you may want to opt for clothes that are vibrant and patterned. If it’s autumn, you can consider wearing colors that suit the environment from orange, red, brown and yellow.


How you decide to dress can make the world of a difference on the day ahead of you. What is the reason to dress sloppy? Unless you’re having a really bad day, looking sloppy will also send the message out to people that you don’t want to be bothered. People will look at you and think, ‘it’s just one of those days.’ Ergo, fashion also influences how people look at you. Whether you like it or not, what you wear says a lot about you, and when meeting new people, it is one of the first things they see. Your posture, clothes and overall look go a long way to tell what kind of person you are on a first impression.


The art of thrifting

While people imagine fashion runways and designers when they think about fashion, this does not have to be the case. You don’t need to spend excess amounts of your hard-earned cash to have a wardrobe that expresses your creativity and personality. There is an art to thrifting. Going thrifting can allow you to find timeless and trendy pieces that are also affordable! Do your research and find local thrift stores to visit. You never know what hidden diamond you might discover there that will become a staple in your wardrobe. In this case, you can continue to express your creativity with your clothes and not break the bank. Keep in mind; do not buy something just because it is cheap. Think to yourself if you will actually wear the garment of clothing you purchased.  On the other hand, if your mind constantly wanders to that skirt or dress you picked up the other day at a thrift store, go back and buy it.


Designer fashion

There is another side to the fashion spectrum, and that is the world of fashion designers and runway shows. Runway show clothes operate differently to the type of clothes you will find at your local store. Look at the example of Frankenstein dresses. Forget everything you thought you knew about fashion because this is a whole different world. Fashion designers help influence the kinds of clothes people find in stores during a particular season. Though, it is never to the extent of what you will find on a runway. Also, the designer fashion world is not open to everyone. Personal finances and connections to the fashion industry can impact whether or not you are in Paris for fashion week. If the stars align and you are there, take some time to look at the Parisian street style during this time.


Starting your own business

Is your artistic expression fed through the current fashion items available? If the answer is no, maybe now is the time to become the fashion designer. For some, fashion is a career choice, and for others, it’s a hobby. Regardless of which options applies to you, you can pick up a sewing machine and put to your skills to the test.


Starting a business is not easy. It understandably requires a lot of time and energy spent on making sure it succeeds. There is a difference between starting a business and practicing fashion as a hobby. If fashion is a hobby, you do not have to consider huge factors like finance and hiring employees. However, if it’s more than a hobby, you need to consider many different things. For one, you need to contemplate how you will ship your products off to people (assuming you have a website or store built for your brand). If you have a t-shirt company, look into affordable and efficient options for shipping them to your customers via t shirt fulfillment. This will help streamline shipping processes, save money and keep customers happy. You no longer have to handle the shipment of these products yourself, which is time-consuming, when using this kind of service.


Fashion and creative expression are synonymous. While there are numerous ways to booster creativity in fashion, fashion is also tied to culture. Inextricably linked to our heritage, fashion has changed over the centuries and across different countries. Think, when you button up your shirt in the morning and are putting on a pair of pants, you are living out your culture and history. No matter what your initial opinion about the fashion world and personal style may be, fashion holds a certain power over society given the attention that is paid to it.