Gift Ideas for Pampered Pets

We all love our pets. Fluffy, scaly or feathered, your pet is a part of your family. So, it makes sense that you buy them a truly unique Christmas gift! From pampering your pooch to spoiling your kitty, or even a present that you can enjoy together, there are a variety of ways you can spoil your four-legged friend. If you are looking for an unusual gift idea this year, then read on. From food to fun accessories or even a day at a spa, there are a huge range of alternatives and options to suit your budget. Here are just a few ways you can pamper your pet.


A Seasonal Accessory

This year why not take your pet’s accessory to a whole new level? Rather than just a matching lead and collar, what about a fun new winter wardrobe? If you are looking to pamper your pooch, then a winter coat could be just the gift that you are looking for. You could even choose a shade to match your own favorite jacket. Another fun seasonal accessory, ideal if you own a smaller pet, is a fun and festive Christmas costume. From mini Santa’s to elves or fairies, if you shop around, there are lots of options available to make your fur baby look adorable this year. You could even get crafty and create your own festive attire. Check out your local dollar store for sequins and buttons, and get creative! A seasonal accessory is a great way to spoil your pampered pet.


A Dog Stroller or Backpack

A dog stroller is the ultimate gift for any pampered pet. Ideal for smaller breeds, a dog stroller means you can take your pooch with you anywhere. This is also a good present if your beloved pet is a bit older or less sturdy on their paws, and will enable you to take them with you anywhere, from the mall to the grocery store. Dog strollers are better suited for miniature to medium sized dogs if they have a calm and friendly demeanor. So, if you love taking your pooch with you everywhere, but worry about them getting lost or into trouble, then a dog stroller is the ideal present. Strollers come in a range of colors and sizes too – so make sure you choose a stroller that suits your lifestyle too.


If you enjoy taking your dog with you everywhere, then a dog backpack is a great alternative for small dogs. Practical and easy to transport, a dog backpack lets you keep your dog close to your body. Plus each backpack comes with handy pockets to store all your pets’ treats and accessories.  If your pet is a bit nervous, then this is a great way to keep your dog feeling safe and secure. Hand held carriers are an accessory of the past. Choose a dog backpack if you want a fashionable alternative for transporting your fur baby.


Book a Spa Trip

If you thought that spa days were just for us humans, then think again. A spa day could be the ultimate treat if your pet is feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed. Long hours at the office or away from home aren’t just tiring for you. Your pets miss you and pine for you too, making them more nervous and clingy when you come home. So, if you are looking to transport your pet off to a relaxing atmosphere, then a spa day is the ideal gift! Once at the spa, a team of professionals will meet your pet. You can choose the variety of treatments that they receive, from pedicures to massages. Dogs that enjoy swimming will love taking a dip in onsite heated pools – so much better than the cold puddles at your local park. Long-haired breeds can even enjoy a much-needed conditioning treatment or groom. So, if you are looking to book your pets in for a spa trip, it’s as simple as picking up the phone. However, most centers won’t admit pets who don’t have all their vaccinations or haven’t had any recent worm or flea treatments, PetAction offer a range of products to help get your pet spa ready. Once they are up to date with their latest treatment, then your fur baby is ready to go.


A Cozy Bed

Is your pet currently sleeping in an old and tired bed? Why not give their sleeping quarters an upgrade, and buy them a new warm and cozy bed this Christmas? There are a variety of beds that are designed to help keep your bed off the cold kitchen floor and tucked up warm. If your pooch likes spreading out, then consider investing in a ‘mattress’ style bed. These have tough outer covers, that are also fully machine washable – ideal after any mucky afternoons in the yard. If your pet enjoys snuggling up against a wall or sideboard, then you could consider a crate. These are also ideal if you do a lot of traveling with your pet and you need a safe way to transport them in your car. Wicker baskets are a stylish addition to any living space, not to mention they provide a firm base for your pet to sleep on – but this isn’t a good alternative if your fur baby enjoys having a chew when they get bored or restless. While breeds with less fur will love a fleece-lined bed, providing extra warmth and space in which to snuggle.


A New Toy

Who doesn’t love a new toy? So, if you are looking for a lower budget gift, that will guarantee hours of fun, then a new toy is a great option. Squeaky toys and rope toys – that mean you have to play too –  are great if your pet has lots of energy.  Cats will love toys that contain a hidden sound or bell. While smaller animals, such as rabbits or hamsters, enjoy any toys that contain a tasty treat. If you are buying for lots of fur babies, then a new toy is a great gift option.

From a new bed to a fashionable new outfit, there are a range of options for you to spoil your pampered pet. If you are looking to give your fur baby a fun and unusual gift this Christmas, then there’s more than enough for you to choose from.