How Decluttering Can Revitalize Your Life

Women who live in cluttered homes are found to have high levels of cortisol the stress hormone. We are socially conditioned to associate clutter with failure and disorder. Every time you open your eyes in the morning, your brain is telling you that you are not making the grade. Thankfully, this is not permanent, and by spending a designated period to declutter you can make yourself better in no time.

Save money

The stress and frustration of being in a cluttered environment wears you down. You are unable to make clear decisions when your mental state is clouded by clutter. When you have a pile of unopened mail, you are more likely to miss paying bills, and late fees are another annoyance and will add to your feelings of being overwhelmed. Use your evenings of your decluttering weekend to go through your utility bills and check that you are signed up to the best rates. Never assume that the rate you chose a year ago will still provide you with the best rate now.

You may be buying duplicates of items as you are unaware of what exactly is in your cupboards. Do you really need that unspent gift card? If you are not going to use it, sell it. You can get money from selling your unused gift card at Go through your cupboards and drawers, sort out what you have, and get rid of things you don’t use

Lose weight

It seems to be a tenuous link, right? When you are feeling stressed, how do you self soothe? Stress affects our hunger hormones that regulate appetite, and often the high-fat sugary comfort foods push people to overeating. By decluttering, you are reducing the stress in your life, and you will find that you are able to keep the pounds off, and combined with a healthier diet and exercise program, you will even lose weight.

Sleep better

Even if you go to bed early, why do you wake up feeling so tired? People with a cluttered home have been found to experience an increase of feelings of exhaustion. The extra energy that is spent having to decipher and focus to complete simple everyday tasks is exhausting your brain as it must compute ten things instead of one. By decluttering, you are giving your brain a clearer pathway to enable you to meet objectives.

Be healthier

How do you keep your house clean when you are unable to clean it properly? Germs and bacteria will be breeding in amongst your clutter. Open your windows, and get fresh air to circulate whilst you clean. Make sure that you get out of the habit of leaving the dirty dishes overnight to do the next day, you are essentially having an open invitation to cockroaches by doing so. By decluttering you are making it easier to clean your home a little but more often. Your health will thank you!