How to Clear Out Your Closet and Make Money

How to Clear Out Your Closet and Make Money

Have you been eyeing all the great new spring and summer fashions and wishing you had the money to update your wardrobe? Sure, there are a variety of sales happening right now, but sometimes a sale just isn’t enough to make that new wardrobe possible. Well, there’s a way you may be able to afford all those great new fashions, and that’s by clearing out your current closet and selling your items online.

Join the Trend – Check out the Variety of Buy and Sell Groups

E-commerce has never been bigger, and it’s not reserved just for big companies! One look at the sheer volume of apps, social media buy and sell groups, and websites dedicated to helping people buy and sell products shows you just how popular this is nowadays.

Clothing resale has become such a huge marketplace that recent numbers have shown it is a $16 billion industry! What this means for you is that there is plenty of opportunity to get in on the profits, and sell the clothes you no longer wish to keep. There’s even a new term for it – social shopping – and it seems like just about everyone out there has been checking it out.

Best Places to List Your Items

So now that you’re convinced that selling your items could provide you with the extra cash you need, the next logical question is where the best place to list your items is. Where it used to be that eBay was the only option, today it’s no longer the trendy choice. Instead, you can use the whole premise of social shopping to your advantage and list items on social shopping sites.

Take for example the popular Poshmark app. This app makes it possible to buy and sell online, and currently has just over one million “shoppers” registered. It’s a great way to reach a massive audience and provides you with all the tools you need to market your goods.

Now, maybe you don’t want to rely on an app, perhaps you’d rather create your own Facebook page. This still allows people to take part in social shopping, but you have a bit more control over the experience. Just remember your audience may not be as large.

Then there is the massively popular Etsy marketplace. Etsy is able to connect you with millions of people all around the world who are looking to buy and sell items. You can make your own Etsy store stand out even better by creating sleek and professional looking Etsy banners with the help of the Adobe Spark tool.

Another site that specializes in selling used clothes is This one will send you a bag that you can fill with all the items you want to sell. You then send it back to them, and from there they will list the items and pay you 40% of the resale value.

By looking for creative ways to make a little extra money, you’ll soon have the cash needed to make that new wardrobe happen.