How to Give Yourself a Makeover

Beautiful woman with brown makeup and red nails and lips. Fashion model posing on grey background

It’s easy to become tired of the same look day after day, week after week. Fortunately, there are many simple yet practical techniques you can perform to maximize your appearance. Check out the following helpful advice on how to give yourself a makeover.

Create a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Brushing alone cannot always result in a pearly white smile. Unfortunately, twice daily brushing is often not enough to keep those troublesome coffee, food coloring and tobacco stains at bay. Thankfully, an innovative LED teeth whitening kit could be the ideal solution, as it can help you develop a brighter, white smile without harsh chemicals.

Care for Your Skin

Do you want to maintain a radiant appearance all year long? Transform your look by caring for your skin every day. Many women make the big mistake of covering fine lines with many layers of makeup. Unfortunately, this can make you appear older than your years. Banish those troublesome wrinkles by regularly cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin, and only use gentle beauty and skincare products.

Change Your Wardrobe

Feel like a brand-new person by investing in a brand-new wardrobe. Stop wearing the same old clothing styles and start embracing new looks that will make every street your own personal runway. Take a friend with you on a shopping trip to help you pick out different designs, and ask for their feedback to ensure you select the right clothing style for your taste, body shape and clothing needs. Also, review your existing wardrobe to identify the best items to keep or throw away, so you will only wear fashionable outfits each day.

Choose a New Hair Color

Take yourself along to a salon to be a little daring with your hairstyle. Whether you are coming out of a relationship or simply want to feel happier in your own skin, a new hair color can make you feel like a different, more confident person. So, swap your blonde hair to become a brunette, or vice versa. You could even opt for a shorter or longer hairstyle, depending on your preference. Discuss the best option for your coloring, style, and facial shape with a qualified hairdresser, who will be more than happy to help you reinvent your look.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Many women often attack unwanted hairs with the tweezers to shape their eyebrows. Yet, this can often result in either under or over tweezing. Your eyebrows can make a big difference to your appearance, which is why you should consider getting them done professionally. Not only can an experienced beautician wax your brows, but they can also ensure they are the right shape for your face, and can show you how to care for them. You might be surprised by the big difference it can make to your appearance.

Emphasize Your Eyes

Enhance your look by emphasizing your beautiful eyes. One of the most important beauty tools to have in your makeup bag is an eyelash curler, as this handy little object can make your eyes truly pop. Once you have curled your eyelashes, apply a high-quality mascara to the top lashes, before removing those troublesome clumps with a lash comb.