How to Save Money When Moving into Your First Home


Moving into your first home can result in a mixture of emotions. It’s only natural to be excited about decorating each room and enjoying a happy future at the property.

To help you eliminate costs, here are some top tips on how to save money when moving into your first home.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

The best way to save money when moving home is by removing any clutter you own. This means throwing away, donating or selling any items you no longer need or want. Not only will this simplify the packing process, but you also will not have to pay more in transport costs. That’s why you should sort through your belongings before you hire removal services, as you will have a greater understanding of how many boxes you will require and the vehicle size to hire.

Move on a Weekday

Many removal companies will charge higher rates for their services on a weekend or holiday. To keep your moving fees to a minimum, we recommend you move during a weekday and avoid any holiday periods. Also, if you are moving the boxes yourself, we still recommend moving on a weekday to avoid traffic, as a weekend could cost you more in gas and time.

Ask for Help

The thought of packing up all your items and loading them into a removal van might seem a little daunting, especially if you are taking a lot of items with you. Instead of calling up removal men to help with the big move, you could always ask your loved ones for help.

Your friends and family members might be more than happy to help, and they may even know someone who can lend you a van to move your boxes from A to B. This could save you a considerable amount of money.

Collect Free Boxes

Drop into a local business, such as a grocery or liquor store, to see if they will be happy to donate free boxes ahead of your big move. The store owners will more than likely be happy to remove the cardboard from their warehouse, as they will have plenty of spare boxes stacked up from store deliveries.

Sell Unwanted Furniture

Don’t spend a considerable amount of money in moving furniture you’re only planning to replace. Instead, sell what you want to replace online, and spend the money on new furniture you love. To sell your furniture, browse for online marketplaces, place adverts online or in local shops, or if you know of a friend or family member looking for replacement furniture, ask if they’re interested. Make sure you determine the value of your furniture, and if someone tries to haggle but you know your pieces are worth more than they’re offering, do not falter in your pricing.

Look for Discounts

Almost every website will have a page on their website dedicated to discounted products, which are brand-new and available for a fraction of the RRP. Whether you want to find discount lighting, bed linen, furniture or electronics, always visit the sale sections first so you don’t miss out on a great deal that could save you a significant amount of money. There’s always a bargain to be had, you just have to find them.