How to Spot a Real Deal When You See It

One of the saddest things about looking for deals when you are shopping for something which could be a bit costly is falling for gimmicks that can end up costing you more than you bargained for. Bargain hunting can be rewarding and you can actually learn to save a ton of money, but do you know a real deal when you see one? Unfortunately, many of us don’t. Here are just a few tips from seasoned shoppers who have learned, often the hard way, how to tell a good deal from an advertising ploy.

Take a Closer Look at the Bottom Line

When it comes to merchandising, one of the things which many shoppers don’t understand is the way products are marked up so that merchants can realize a profit. There are several factors involved in pricing products for sale, among which are the cost to the merchant and the overheads to keep the business running. Often, this is why you can get a better deal online because overheads are so much lower.

When you factor in that most products cost a merchant anywhere from 40% to 60% of their ultimate ticket price, red flags will immediately be raised if a deal offers you a 75% discount. Why would any merchant take that kind of loss if a product was worth buying? It may be defective or perhaps just not as trendy as anticipated, so they are willing to take a loss rather than shelving stock that won’t move.

Always Look for Real Reviews

One thing you should always do before buying into a deal is check out a good selection of product or merchant reviews. This calls to mind a scam that was circulating the Internet a few years back when people thought they were buying $200 Nikes for $50. Even though there were literally thousands of reviews by irate customers who had been duped, many people never bothered to check out those reviews, consequently falling for the very same scam.

The best advice which you can be given when looking for a good deal is to read the reviews. For example, your son or daughter has been selected for the school volleyball team, but the cost of the uniform is through the roof. Looking for a deal on shoes? Read several of the best volleyball shoe reviews before settling on what you think is a good deal. Choosing the right deal can save you tons of money in the long run.

Quality vs. Cost

In the end, sometimes the best deal is not necessarily the item with the lowest price tag. Sometimes you get great quality for much less online than you could get in a local shop, but still not the lowest priced item. Consider quality vs. cost and you will find that a high quality item that is only slightly reduced actually costs much less when all is said and done because it lasts longer and simply works or fits better.

Remember the old adage. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Having said that, there are great deals out there, but read the reviews first to see what others are saying. That’s when you’ll know you’ve found the best deal.