How To Turn Your Outdoor Space Into A Sanctuary


One spot around the house you can guarantee to get some peace and quiet is your backyard. The trouble is, if you don’t take the time to make it look nice and beautiful, you’ll have nowhere to go when the moment strikes to kick back and relax.

Think about how much time you’d spend outdoors if you had the right configuration in place. It’s a space where you can read an interesting book or entertain guests during the summer. The good news is that it’s never too late to transform your yard and create an oasis that’s special to you and your family. The personal touches go a long way. See how to turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary.

Start by building a deck or installing a patio in your backyard. Work with a professional contractor to get the spot outlined correctly and pick the material. A deck or patio will provide you with a solid foundation and set the tone for dressing up the rest of the environment. This way you have somewhere to rest when you head outside. It’ll be there for you all yearlong whenever you have the urge to use it. Depending upon the present value of your home, adding a patio or deck can considerably boost the valuation of your property. It’s oftentimes an excellent selling point for interested buyers.

Your next order of business is to head to a patio furniture store and pick out the right pieces for your space. The furniture will range in price and style, so take your time shopping. Sit on the furniture and make sure that it’s not only visually appealing, but comfortable too. Although most furniture can sit outdoors for the entire year, it’s recommended you cover or store it when it’s not in use and take good care of it. Make sure the pieces are heavy enough so they won’t tip over in the wind. Consider how much maintenance your furniture selection will require before committing to a particular material. It’s smart to go for easy care, comfort and a style that you enjoy looking at each day.

Be sure there’s enough lighting options around your deck or patio. Use lights attached to the house and add any additional ones you believe will help illuminate the space. Hang candles or drape strings of lights above you for an extra glimmer during the nighttime. It’ll become important when you’re entertaining or hanging out with someone in your backyard and the sun goes down. There are also solar lights that you can place along your walkways or patio outline. Get creative and come up with solutions that are cohesive with one another and portray a classy look.

Decorate your patio so it doesn’t look plain and boring. Include water elements or a painted bench for charm. You don’t have to cram all of the decorations into one area. Use the entire backyard to place your pieces. Add some color with your furniture cushions and pillows or an area rug under your feet to keep them warm. Another idea for adding color is to purchase an umbrella in a vibrant hue. Place hanging plants throughout the space for a tasteful display. Use an arched structure to make an entrance and decorate it with beautiful flowers. Every time you enter the backyard you’ll feel like you’re going somewhere special.  

One beautiful way to add style and grace to your backyard is with a pergola or canopy. This is an elegant way to include a little extra privacy and structure to your patio or deck. There are lots of different colors, styles and materials to choose from. You can dress them up however you choose. Place furniture on the inside of them and create a hideaway right in your own backyard. They’re great for shading the sunshine and blocking out bugs if you have curtains. Lots of homeowners are turning to these structures to enhance the look of their courtyard.

It’s probably best you hire professional help to assist you with your landscaping. If you do it yourself, just be sure you’re keeping up with maintenance and have a plan in mind before you start. Add bushes or shrubs to build a wall of privacy around your backyard and patio or deck. Include plants and trees throughout the yard to polish off the look. Mulch, rocks and a retaining wall are also beautiful touches. Work with a landscaping designer to plot out where each item will go so it looks well put together. Include water elements or a fire pit to add even more character.  

Even if you’re not much of a gardener, it’s a great hobby to learn. You may find you really enjoy it once you get going. It’s relaxing and a project you can call your own. Plant tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables that you like eating. Teach yourself what you need to know about planting and maintaining your own garden, and see what a difference it makes in pulling together the overall look of your backyard. It’ll be a beautiful addition to the sanctuary you’re building.

Your backyard isn’t complete without a grilling area. You’ll definitely want a spot for your grill during the summertime when it’s warm and cookouts are a regular occurrence. Find a spot on the deck or patio to call your own. Make sure there’s enough room for keeping your grill utensils and a place to set down your drink. You could even consider building a separate bar area where you can serve guests outside when you’re entertaining