Get Out Of The House With Your Kids

Sometimes all you need is a break away from home. Whether it’s getting away for a short
vacation or spending the day sightseeing, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself when
you have the urge to get away.

Travel to an Interactive Aquarium
A great idea is to take a trip to the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Utah. It’s the ultimate
interactive experience where you can touch, feed and see. Experience thousands of species
and interactive exhibits for the whole family to enjoy. Your kids will love every minute as they
discover, explore and feel inspired by what they learn.

Go See A Movie
Movies are excellent for a rainy or hot day. It sounds simple because it is, but it’s also a fun
afternoon out. Go see a movie that the kids have wanted to watch. Allow them to invite their
friends, buy snacks and pick your favorite seats online.  Use it as a chance for you to sit back and relax too. Make a day out of it and go play in the park after to get a little exercise.

Take A Hike
Gather the family and go out for a long hike on a beautiful path. Take the dog with you too if you
own one. Drive somewhere away from your house where you can explore new trails. Use it as a
chance to get in your exercise and have good conversation with your family.

Take A Camping Adventure
Gather the family and take a camping trip togetherThis is a great way to squeeze in a little
vacation if you have a few days off work. Have fun exploring, cooking and sitting around the
campfire together telling stories and laughing. Find a new campsite that everyone can check out
together, or stick to one you know and love. Either way, you’ll be setting yourselves up for
valuable family time.

Head to the Beach
Pick a warm and sunny day and head to the beach with your kids. Pack toys and a picnic lunch to enjoy nearby when you get hungry.  This is a great escape for when you’re feeling cooped up and want to be outside. Rent a beach house one weekend, and the next simply find a local spot where you can hang out for the day.

Go out to Dinner
All it takes sometimes is going out for a meal to make everyone feel happy. This is especially
true if you cook a lot at home. Do it for no reason at all, but as a chance to switch up your
routine one night. It’ll give everyone a break from preparing dinner and eating it at home. Come
up with a list of choices and pick one together that everyone agrees to.

Attend A Festival
Check out the festivals in your area or in another location that interests you and the kids. It’s fun to try different foods, listen to music and try new activities.

Stay Overnight at A Hotel
Get out of the house with your family by staying overnight at a hotel, either in the area or out of
town. Your kids will love this idea and feel special that they get to have a sleepover outside of
your home. Make sure there’s a swimming pool for them to play in and local restaurants. Go for a week, weekend or one night, depending on your schedule and availability.