How to Pack for Vacations

Packing 101…
When jetting off on any vacation, good packing is the difference between having a great time and being in a constant state of anxiety. By failing to spend the time before you go figuring out what you will need, you are setting yourself up to be stressed and worried. Whether you are going to the Seychelles, Aspen or Europe, approaching your trip with organization and care is the best way to avert any travel disasters. The last thing you and your family need is to be constantly at the shops purchasing items you could have bought from home. 


Get Your List On

Everybody can make a list, and while some choose to live by it, others choose to shun it in favor of their memory. However, those who make lists are usually far better organized than those who never make one. Of course, there are those who defy logic, as they manage to remember everything while looking cute and ditzy (for example, Susan Delfino from Desperate Housewives), but for the most of who aren’t fictional characters, lists allow us to keep order in our busy lives.

When packing for a vacation, it’s hard to remember everything. Therefore, creating a list beforehand means you get optimal packing done. To utilize the packing list to your full advantage, break it into categories. Think; clothes, toiletries, makeup, toys, entertainment, etc. If you are breaking your tasks down into daily to-do lists, take some advice on how to create an effective list that you’ll remember to stick to.

Consider Every Eventuality

If you are flying long haul, prepare for a situation in which one of your team gets sick before you fly or needs help popping their ears. Make sure to take adequate supplies to entertain every situation that may arise. It’s also worth taking a pair of compression socks just in case your feet start to swell. When you get there, think about the daily items you simply cannot go without. If you have sensitive skin, why not take your own towels and bed sheets in case the ones at the hotel make you itchy? If you have a fussy eater among you, and you are going somewhere that has different food on the menu, take some cereals and other basic food items they will eat. A hungry child, or adult for that matter, is a grumpy one.

Protect Your Gadgets

You wouldn’t leave the country without travel Insurance (hopefully), so although any theft or damage may be refunded under your policy, getting a new phone or laptop also means a whole lot of hassle. Before you leave, research the country or city you are going to, and get an idea of how safe you are going to need to be. Make sure that any laptop or tablet you are taking comes with a good case and that you have a bag in which it can be safely stored inside a pocket. As you use our cell phones every day, we forget how valuable they really are and how annoying it is to lose them. Invest in a good case, and if you are looking for something a little more stylish than your standard hard cover check out Custom Envy clear cases. If you’re like most people, your phone is key to the smooth running of your life. Don’t get caught with a smashed screen, or jeopardize your holiday snaps.

Go Medical

Whether you are going skiing or to the coast, staying in a top hotel or at a local homestay, having a comprehensive medical kit is important. Beyond the usual band-aids, iodine and paracetamol, if you are going to be in a setting different to home with insects you haven’t encountered, or terrain you’re not used to, go one step further. Go to your doctor and request standard antibiotics in case somebody gets an infection, and take anti-allergy tablets for anyone who might get hay fever. If you are going far away from a hospital, especially if you plan to do trekking, hiking or any extreme sports, think about taking an epi-pen. It might seem extreme, and even if your children are not allergic to anything you know of, emergencies like this do happen, and there is often little warning. Plus, how much of a super Mom would you look if you saved the day after a bad reaction to a hornet sting? If you are going to take one, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t go sticking needles in people without being confident.

Get Maps

Even if you have an airport transfer, and your hotel comes with wifi, downloading an offline map service like might save you from getting lost. If you want to avoid costly data roaming charges, preparing yourself for this sort of scenario is a good place to start. If the tech is there, then make use of it.

Don’t Go Light

Everybody always talks about the benefits of packing light, but doing so might mean missing out on those key home comforts when you or your child needs them. If you are going on a leisure trip and staying in the same place for the whole period, having large luggage shouldn’t be an issue. If you think you will need two swimsuits, take three. Prepare for an inefficient laundry service and pack more than enough clothes for everybody. The worst that could happen is you end up taking clean things home, not exactly a disaster. However, beware of your luggage going over the weight limit on your plane – the charge can be ridiculous.