Things to consider when buying a mattress

Replacing your mattress is not as easy as you think.  It can be quite difficult to find your dream mattress from the innumerable options that we are exposed to. There are several brands of mattresses each of them having multiple products each claiming to provide a great comfort, durability, and undisturbed sleep.

If you are confused about which mattress to buy, take a look at the list mentioned below. It provides the different materials of mattresses and the qualities of each that you should take into consideration. This would help you to evaluate different mattresses before you can buy the one that suits your requirement perfectly.

What you need at the end of a tiring day is support. There are four common materials of mattresses that determine the quality of support provided by the same and they include innerspring, latex, foam, and the air-filled.

Innerspring mattresses –

You can opt for the innerspring mattresses if you like to sleep on a bouncy mattress. You can try different mattresses to check the level of springy quality in them and determine which one suits your preferences.

Most of these bouncy mattresses have metal coils typically gauged between 12 to 18 inches of thickness. If you are on a heavier side, you can opt for the thicker gauge support and vice versa.

The innerspring mattresses usually have an outer layer made of fiberfill or foam with an outer covering of a quilt. However, you are cautioned against getting lured by the uber-plush feel, and the thick-looking pillowtop of these mattresses. The puffy layer may feel awesome in the store. However, in just a few months, it can start compressing. It’s better to opt for the firmer, and well-quilted mattress. You can cover it later with a replaceable feather bed or mattress pad.

Memory foam mattresses –

If you love to sleep on an extra-firm bed, memory foam mattresses are just for you. They have a polyurethane core with much less spring. When you sleep on it, it doesn’t budge or sink beyond its topmost layer. You can go a step ahead to evaluate the quality of the memory foam mattresses by checking the thickness of the layer of foam and its density.

The thickness may vary between 2 and 6 inches. This factor determines how deep you will sink into it. A density of 5 pounds per cubic foot is what you should be aiming for if you are looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress.

Latex mattresses –

Latex mattresses can be termed similar to the memory foam mattresses as far as their firmness is concerned. But, the former tends to have a higher spring-back. The latex mattresses made of natural materials also offer resistance to germs, dust mites, and mold. You can go for these mattresses if you suffer from frequent allergies and would like to sleep peacefully without being worried about getting up the next day sneezing. These mattresses have a high durability, which, however, comes with a price!

Air-filled mattress –

You can also consider buying an air-filled rubber or vinyl mattress. These mattresses usually have a remote to help you control the amount of air present inside. Some of these have two chambers. This can allow you to customize the firmness individually in each chamber so that both you and your partner can enjoy your personal levels of comfort. The top surface of these mattresses is similar to the innersprings. They have foam or quilted fiberfill.

Keep this checklist ready with you when you go shopping for a new mattress. Make sure you try the mattress before buying it. Do not forget that one person’s comfort can be someone else’s backache. So, believe in yourself and evaluate the mattresses based on the materials discussed above strictly in the order of your preferences to find the best one meant just for you.