The Best Smart Gadgets You Cannot Live Without

Technology has advanced so fast in the last few years that there is now almost no corner of the world that isn’t using it in some way. Similarly, almost every part of our lives is also helped or governed by technology in some form or another. It can help us get up in the morning, show us our favorite shows and let us talk to friends and family across the world. However, technology has now taken things that were gadgets and appliances and made them smarter. Here are some of the smart gadgets you could soon be using in your home.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

To be honest, there aren’t many people that look forward to getting the vacuum out of the cupboard and going around the house. In fact, it can be one of those things that often gets left for a day or two. So, think how much easier it would be if you had a vacuum that would clean up for you? There are now several on the market that all have a comparable way of working. They usually have a base station where they sit and charge; then, you can program them to start at a certain time of the day or night. They use proximity sensors to avoid objects and drops off the top of staircases. The only downside is they can only do one floor at a time.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

One of the more recent advances in technology is the wireless light bulb. They have managed to pack a lot into the traditional shaped bulbs including wireless technology and Bluetooth so that you can control them in various ways. For many people, they will be a great addition to their smart home hubs, because they can then control the lights just with their voice. Other less sophisticated versions come with their own remote control to change color and turn on and off. Not only is this great for those that are less mobile, but it is also a good way to illuminate your porch or hallway when you are coming home in the dark.

Smart Scales

For those looking to lose some weight, or those who want to keep track of their health, the smart scale has become the gadget of choice. These intelligent scales are capable of far more than just displaying your weight; they can measure your body mass index, your fat ratio and some can even measure your heart rate. Some of them are equipped with Bluetooth so you can record your weigh-ins on your cell phone. They are also able to keep track of more than one person, so you and your partner can measure your health. It is a good idea to find out what the best smart scales are and compare their functions so you get the one that meets your needs.  

Smart Refrigerators

Almost all the traditional household appliances are now getting the smart treatment and refrigerators are no exception. They have become more than just a storage device for keeping your food cold; they can now not only help you shop but also help you eat healthier and offer recipes. Many of them have a touchscreen embedded in the door that can access Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi network. It means that when you are running low on something, you can ask the refrigerator to add it to your shopping list. It can also display recipes for you to follow and show the ingredients, so you know what to get from the store. They are a good idea for the big family that has a lot of shopping to buy each week.

Home Hubs

The home hub is what many of your other smart devices will connect to and get their orders. In fact, it can do many things without you having to leave the sofa. It can select what you watch on television, or switch to a streaming service or YouTube. It can control your lights, your heating and even order things for you from the internet. It can do all of this just by you asking it a question. There are two main contenders for the home hub, the Amazon Alexia, and the Google Home. Both are capable of talking to your smart devices, and they can also do far more. They have built-in speakers that allow them to respond to your questions and play the music of your choice.

Smart Watches

If you pay a visit to the gym, you will probably see almost everyone there wearing a smartwatch or smart band. They have taken off in a big way in recent years and can do many things including help with your fitness. While some of them are more geared to sports and fitness, there are others that have additional features that can also be of use to people in their daily lives. The fitness types can record how many steps you have taken, how many floors you have climbed and measure your heart rate. These features are great for those who are keen to keep themselves fit. You can also get water-resistant versions that measure your lengths in the pool. Other smartwatches have similar functions but can also show you text messages, who’s calling on your cell phone and show your Facebook updates, so you don’t have to get your phone out of your pocket.

Smart Plant Pot

For those that have every type of smart gadget you can think of, there is one that can help you keep your plants happy and healthy. It contains a water reservoir and a myriad of sensors that send data to your smartphone about your plant. It will water your plant when it needs it, and some have a holiday mode that will keep your plant healthy while your away.

With such a wide choice of appliances and gadgets that are now smarter than ever, you will soon be able to have the whole house clean and tidy without even being there.