What Should You Look for in an Inversion Table?

When you first hear the term ‘inversion table,’ the first thing that may come to mind is some kind of mathematical table where complex calculations take place. Silly as that might sound, many people have said the same thing and so they pass by what could prove to be a means to relieve chronic back pain which all the painkillers in the world can’t touch. In fact, some people say that they are unlikely to take medications because most of them are addictive. So then, what can you do about the pain that never ends? Here is some of what you should know about and look for in an inversion table.

What Exactly Is an Inversion Table?

The simplest explanation is that an inversion table is one in which you hang literally upside down to redeposit the center of gravity within your body. Instead of everything flowing down to your feet, circulation is forced back upwards towards your upper limbs, back, neck, shoulders, and head. An inversion table also works as a traction device that stretches those muscles and vertebrae so that you experience relief from pinched nerves and other ailments due to spinal afflictions.

Know What You Are Buying to Avoid Further Complications

Before just going out or online to buy an inversion table, you must know the benefits and potential for dangers, which could be the result of choosing the wrong product. Always ascertain whether that table has been approved or cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and read reviews you’ll find on sites like bestinversiontablereviewss.com. You must bear in mind that the FDA clears only those products which offer relief for:

  • Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Back Pain
  • Curvature of the spine resulting from tight muscles
  • Herniated discs
  • Muscle tension and soreness
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Muscle spasms (especially down the spine)
  • Spinal stenosis

If any product makes claims to improve or offer relief with any of the above, it is important to see if that inversion table has been cleared and/or approved by the FDA.

Understand Potential Dangers

Any manufacturer or retailer selling inversion tables really has the legal and moral obligation to warn buyers of any potential dangers. Devices that fall within the realm of what the FDA regulates are required to provide warnings if that device, medication, or food can cause harm if used incorrectly or by the wrong people or for wrong purposes. It is of vital importance that you look to see just how ethical the company you are buying from really is. If they don’t provide this warning and aren’t transparent on potential issues, don’t trust the quality of that product.

After having read the above, you should understand that you can find the relief you seek if and only when you find an inversion table that meets all those specifications and regulations. Millions of people suffering from back pain find the relief they are seeking with inversion therapy and you can too. It takes a bit of research and knowledge, but once you know what you are looking for, your decisions are much easier.

Always check with your doctor before using any kind of treatment for back pain, including inversion tables, because you may have other underlying health concerns which could preclude the use of this therapy for what ails you.