Your Inner Beauty

Outer beauty refers to your exterior appearance. When you look in the mirror, you notice every feature on your face. You pay attention to all of the details and work out to maintain a good physique. From a young age, people are taught to look at their outer beauty. The societies and culture people live in also go a long way to perpetuating the importance of exterior beauty. However, what about inner beauty? While your outer beauty fades, as you get older, your inner beauty is always there. This includes factors such as your personality, mood and even inner beauty as a result of spontaneity.

Personal characteristics

Everyone is unique in his or her own ways. It includes everything from quirks, talents, personality and more. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there’s always more to someone than their exterior appearance. Everyone will reach a point where they will grow white hair and get wrinkles. It’s unavoidable in life. So, we have it all wrong when we look at outer beauty versus inner beauty. People are programmed to look at what’s on the exterior first as opposed to the interior. Society and the media tell us a lot about beauty ideals. Pick up any glossy magazine, and you will read about some celebrity that recently got plastic surgery to fix something about their exterior appearance. It’s becoming more common in our society, yet getting a personality face-lift may be the most important one yet, and doesn’t require any surgical procedure.


Positive characteristics such as generosity, love, and kindness make someone beautiful. People wear these characteristics on their facial expressions when they talk and go about their day-to-day life. They manifest themselves in our posture and behavior. There are many additional personality traits which make up a beautiful person. Other characteristics include passion and an interest in the world. Be intrigued about people, the world and always keep an open mind.



One’s mood generally affects their personality. As mentioned before, personality, in turn, goes a long way to determining inner beauty. For starters, don’t be a pessimist. Pessimism also insinuates a lack of interest and people typically don’t want to be around someone that only shares negative thoughts. Some people absorb the energy of whom they are with at that moment. Even in bad situations, practice thinking about the positive things. However, there is a flip side to this. People’s wellbeing and mood are sometimes directly affected by their mental health. There are factors, outside of your control, that may require you to get help in your area. The Recovery Village offers online recovery resources that can assist with people’s mental health disorders and a wide range of addictions. This includes depression and anxiety amongst others. If this is happening to you, first, know that you aren’t alone and there are available online sources that can help you in your recovery.


There are various additional ways that you can tackle improving your mood. Taking time for yourself will go along way to improving your mood. Take a walk, even if it’s just around the block. If your workspace doesn’t have many windows, it’s even more important to get out for the sake of light. Fresh air will do wonders for you. Allow yourself to vent problems to de-stress. A bad mood should not be the reason your whole day is ruined. Listen to some upbeat music; sing in the shower, in the car and smile. Laugh as it increases both your mood and dopamine in your brain. Be at peace with yourself. Realize that it’s okay to feel sad and angry, but you shouldn’t always feel like that. There are other factors, such as jealousy, that ruin a person’s day. Instead of focusing on things you don’t have, focus on what you do. There’s a positive side to everything. You just need to look for it.



Pro tip: be more spontaneous. When was the last time you felt the rush of doing something spontaneous? Let your inner creativity shine with spontaneous decisions (or sometimes purchases). You will be happier once you have done it. If you aren’t a naturally spontaneous person, that is okay. Not everyone is. You don’t need to start jumping out of planes to feel the rush of spontaneity. Start small and work your way up! Have you been eyeing that skirt in the store for a while now? We won’t tell you how to live your life, but you should indulge. Especially if it’s been a long time since you have. Purchasing a small item can be considered a small spontaneous decision. For bigger spontaneous decisions, consider booking a trip halfway across the world. If you’ve been thinking about a certain location for a long time and the plane ticket isn’t too expensive, consider it a sign that it’s time to go. There will never be that ‘perfect time to go,’ so you may as well go now. Spontaneous decisions such as these will surely improve your mood. You’ll even catch yourself smiling from ear to ear without realizing it.


Do what makes you happy

Find out what makes you happy, what fuels your creative streak, and do it. If fashion is what makes you happy, learn how to sew and go shopping for the latest bargain deals. Your happiness levels will have an impact on how you carry yourself. If getting tattoos is what makes you happy, go for it. It’s okay to put yourself first and pay attention to your needs. If you aren’t happy, you won’t make others around you happy.


Let your inner beauty shine. Accept that nothing in life is a straight line, but you’re in control of how you deal with everything at all times. You can either sulk in a corner for the rest of your days or you can get out and look for those things that make you happy. Treating others how you’d like to be treated is a classic mantra that everyone has been told to do since they were kids. Do it. Practice it. Remember when a stranger paid you a compliment, and how you felt after it. Your personality and mood greatly affect how you carry yourself and what kind of person you are. Always opt for love and kindness over jealousy.